Epidata is created in July, 2003 as a response to the Latin American market need for Software Architecture services and methodologies to diminish projects’ risks, align the IT field to the company’s business strategy and evaluate the scalability and technical feasibility needed to propel your business plan forward
The term “Epidata” means “Above the data”, and implies going beyond, providing something extra: an essential concept that today may be translated into Quality and High Added Value
At the beginning, Epidata looked forward to be different by taking advantage of its main strength: the high level of knowledge of its members. That’s why it turned into the first Software Architecture Company in Latin America
Currently, and maintaining the same work’s philosophy, Epidata is composed by professionals with experience and technical skills, that stand out in the market
From its very beginning, Epidata forged solid basements that resulted in a steady annual growth of 98%. This allowed for the expansion of the reach of diverse quality solutions in the national, regional, and international market in only a few years
In the year 2007, Epidata inaugurated its commercial offices in Santiago de Chile, firmly establishing the roots of its expansion in the region
Epidata is currently consolidated in the market as the main company specialized in Software Architecture and has expanded its business to the international field, offering quality and added value solutions aligned to the needs of each client