Epidata committed to the development of future professionals together with University of La Matanza.

Sep 07, 2015

Epidata approaches systems students of the University of La Matanza so that they can work on various projects as well as study in the same physical space: the University.

This initiative came up thanks to the project “The Systems Company goes to College”, which was unveiled by Minister of Education Alberto Sileoni; the Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi; the Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Lino Barañao as part of the presentation of the “Strategic Plan for the Formation of Engineers 2012-2016″.

This project was developed along with the Chamber of Business for Software and Information Services, (CESSI) which focuses to develop specific educational poles within universities in order to generate qualified professionals, and thus joint curricular areas with the business needs of different sectors.

The Ministry of Planning will build the infrastructure in areas ceded by the universities, the education portfolio will provide the tools for the quality of education and Industry will support programs aimed at encouraging the development of entrepreneurs. Epidata assumes responsibility for the technological equipment, housing, and payment for the wages of the employed students.

In the words of Minister Débora Giorgi: “In this way the business-academy dichotomy ends, integrating all the actors in a State policy which has as its mandate the innovation and the incorporation of knowledge as the axis of sustainable development”.

For more information we invite you to read the article published by CESSI.