We, Latinos are not afraid of change

Aug 09, 2016

Exclusive interview from ConnectAmericas with Adrian Anacleto, CEO at Epidata, who spoke at Outsource2LAC 2015 about the future of Outsourcing in Latin America.

Adrian expressed: “In Latin America we have the gene for innovation and disruption: changes do not scare us”.
“The future of the Internet of things (IoT), the generation and consumption of large volumes of information (Big Data), Data Science, will produce a huge demand for innovation, with the consequent need of having companies devoted to R+D and validation of architectures and high-level designs for outsourcing processes, which allows for the guaranteeing success of projects.”

Latin America, a catalyst for innovation
“Latin American companies will act as a catalyst for innovation and/or also as responsible for the adequacy to high level designs (architecture) and the compliance with the requirements of quality attributes of an application (performance, availability, etc), facing a value chain of outsourcing also made up of companies from China, India and Eastern Europe”.


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