Through its alliance with MariaDB, Epidata will provide services in Latin America related to the open source database manager. MariaDB is the world’s most popular database manager system, derived from MySQL with GPL licence.

It is highly compatible with MySQL since it contains the same commands, interfaces, APIs and libraries, its objective being to change a server for another directly.



Thanks to the partnership agreement Epidata performed with Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX), the company leader in Managed Cloud, the venture will expand its cloud services in Latin America and contribute to the region by offering DevOps cutting-edge solutions and Cloud platform services of high value.



Epidata now partners with CloudBees, to bring the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, to Latin America. With Epidata and CloudBees, enterprises and government entities  can improve the productivity and speed of   software delivery.

Jenkins is the world’s most popular open source automation server for continuous integration and continuous delivery with hundreds of thousands of active installations around the world.

CloudBees is the orchestration hub for DevOps. CloudBees starts with Jenkins, the most trusted and widely-adopted continuous  delivery platform, and adds enterprise-grade security and compliance, scalability and reliability, manageability and visibility, as well as,  expert-level support. By making  the software delivery process faster,  more productive, and hassle-free, CloudBees puts  organizations on the right  path to transforming great ideas into great software and accelerating  value creation to the business.


Azul Systems

Azul Systems specializes in cutting edge products on Java technology for the business world companies with over 10 years experience in the market.
Epidata since 2012 is the first partner in the region specializing in the implementation of performance improvement projects based in Blue Zing JVM.
The product consists of an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that enables the execution of Big Data applications and massive oriented real-time processing with better performance and more scalability.



Epidata became the first Solution Provider Partner of Argentina and eighth in Latin America by formalizing the strategic alliance with Ubuntu in 2008.
Epidata provides official support services, counseling, consulting and assembly related to Ubuntu, and free distribution of Linux recognized worldwide. Having an official partner in our country gives you the leverage to reach the national and regional market by offering the option of support services and consultancy.



The Big Data trend continues to grow exponentially worldwide and Epidata remains at the forefront by formalizing since 2012 the first strategic partnership in the region with Cloudera, company specializing in open source software development oriented for Big Data solutions.
From working together between Epidata and Cloudera is possible to interact with large sets of data at the speed of thought and ask great questions in the quest to discover what exceeds all expectations.



Terracotta Software AG is leader in easy scalability for Java applications, Epidata was named as the first official representative in Latin America in 2010. Together we provide solutions architecture, development and performance of mission-critical applications in Java scalable infrastructure.
Terracotta Software AG is mainly known by various open source products, considered standard in the market, among which are: Quartz, framework for task scheduling, Ehcache, cache provider for Hibernate and Terracotta, software infrastructure that can scale Java applications easily.



AppDynamics, a leading company in application intelligence which allows for the analysis of transactions by territory and at code level, in real time. It is presented in an interdisciplinary platform for an integrated culture of business analysis,production monitoring, improvement and maintenance and development and creation.



Epidata, along with Liferay – a company that offers open source content management business services in America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, will deliver organizations a high level of innovation and flexibility.

Liferay, Inc. fue fundada en 2004 como respuesta a la creciente demanda de Liferay Portal, el producto de portal independiente líder en el mercado que fue ganando elogios de la industria y su adopción en todo el mundo. Hoy, Liferay Inc. alberga un grupo de servicios profesionales que provee entrenamiento, consultoría y servicios de soporte a empresas para su clientela en América, EMEA y Asia Pacífico. También alberga un equipo de desarrollo core que guía el desarrollo de producto.


Volt DB

By being part of the network of Volt DB channels, Epidata will use this new tool as a database component within the custom solutions offered or as one within a platform of development infrastructure used by the company. In addition, it will also provide subscription licenses to customers.

Volt DB, una base de datos relacional “scale-out NewSQL” de escalabilidad horizontal que soporta acceso SQL desde dentro de los procedimientos almacenados pre-compilados desde Java.

VoltDB es la base de datos en-memoria NewSQL, creada para resolver el desafío y facilitar la próxima generación de aplicaciones de grandes volúmenes de datos que dependen de datos más rápidos e inteligentes. Ellos proveen de rapida digestion y exportación de datos con escalabilidad masiva, análisis en tiempo real y enriquecimiento de datos –  habilitando a negocios a ganar esa significante y competitiva ventaja tanto en entornos on premises como cloud.