Enterprise Architect Value Added Services

Epidata is the first Global Training Partner in the region, chosen by Sparx Systems to offer valuable solutions related with Enterprise Architect, Sparx Systems’ CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool.
Epidata offers services of training, mentoring and consulting related with the use of Enterprise Architect in the adoption of new processes and methodologies. The services are carried out by specialized professionals, with certifiable experience in the use of this tool.
Why Epidata?

  • Global Training Partners: Epidata is the first business of its kind in the region, chosen by Sparx Systems to bring valuable services related with Enterprise Architect. Epidata Consulting was honoured as a Global Training Partner in 2005
  • Proven experience: we have experience offering services of training, mentoring and Enterprise Architect consulting to clients in Argentina and throughout Latin America
  • Epidata Training Process: an exclusive Epidata service, which consists of a training process designed to contribute within the processes of organizational change in the IT area
  • Specialized professionals: Enterprise Architect experts at their disposition, with vast experience in the use and everyday implementation of this tool
  • Valuable solutions: wide range of valuable solutions related to the use and implementation of Enterprise Architect

Training and Mentoring in UML and Enterprise Architect
We offer a wide variety of training on Enterprise Architect, related with the use of the tool in each stage of the development lifecycle: from the business process modelling stages to the analysis, design, development and code generation stages.
Training is personalised and adapted to the business needs of our clients.
They follow a formal and certified process, which guides the training project from the research to the development, including its evaluation.
Epidata has participated in the implementation of the usage of Enterprise Architect on different software development methodologies, such us:

  • Implementation of Enterprise Architect with ICONIX
  • Analysis and design of object-oriented application using RUP
  • EA implementation with, amongst others, Extreme Programming, Metrica3 and Scrum

Consulting in Enterprise Architect
The main objectives of Enterprise Architect consulting are:

  • Reduce the time invested in documentation
  • Offer a unique access point for all the information in every project or application
  • Structure the documentation, through standardised criteria.
  • Learn and apply better documentation practices
  • Apply a development methodology, offering support on the tool and the structure with which it works