Epidata is the solution to your problems related to strategic data management.


Infrastructure solutions of Database Servers

We guarantee a successful operation of your Database servers, providing tailored solutions in terms of preventive and corrective support.

Data Analysis

We generate analytical solutions on large quantities and a wide range of formats. We have the best specialists on different technological platforms throughout the region.

We guarantee:

  • Database integrity: integrity of all databases that we manage, assuring full compliance with all users and models needs.
  • Costs reduction: by implementing emerging technologies already matured, cloud “as a service”; taking advantage of virtualization and proposing more flexible economic and financial models capable of optimizing its IT costs architecture.
  • Access to your data: by capturing and transmitting every change produced in the transactional scenarios, leaving them available for their real time analysis and establishing a “bridge” between transactional and analytical capabilities.
  • Response time scalability and reduction: by considering the content of each service request, providing a proper configuration of the servers to which they direct and implementing high performance replica.
  • Point to point security support: assuring every data movement from applications to server.
  • High availability controlling that your services and applications are available and with no interruptions and, in case of failure of one or more nodes, it guarantees service continuity by automatically starting every failover, redirecting every transaction and minimizing both “downtime” and failure impact.

Our services:

  • Business Intelligence: Data Warehouse, real time analysis, reports, control panels and data mining that transform your data into value for your business.
  • Big Data: Large quantities, variety and speed are the features of a new trend line in data management.
  • Analytics: Optimization, Simulation, Decision Models and predictive analysis so as to achieve improvements in the decision-making process.
  • Clustering: High performance which facilitates scalability and high availability.


We strengthen the value of our services through our strategic relationship as MariaDB’s exclusive partner in Latin America. Also Hadoop, SQL Server in cloud, Exadata and PowerBI are some of the new keywords of Epidata.

They chose security, quality and technological innovation:

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