Java Performance Tuning

Guarantees the performance quality of complete applications

The performance and profiling service for Java solutions allows users to rely on the performance quality of complete applications, from the client tier to the database tier.
With the assistance of well established tools within the market, response time and resource consumption problems are identified and isolated, specifying the architecture elements that cause the main performance degradations.
By complementing the application of tools with the appropriate processes, Epidata provides assistance, systematically and progressively minimizing the risks of incidents throughout the whole life cycle. In this way, the expected performance quality parameters are certain to be reached.
Performance Assurance
The service of Performance Assurance for software solutions allows for optimizing the quality of the performance of complete applications, from the client level to the database level, including the integration of external systems and the aligning of objectives with business strategy.
Fire Fighting
It is a performance problem solution in productive environments, which enables the recovery of stable operativeness in the short term, including an integral diagnostic of the problem with documentation of better practices to avoid repetition of the critical situation.
Services that guarantee Java performance
The services that guarantee Java performance provide clients with the opportunity to implement a methodic and continuous process aimed at guaranteeing the performance quality of their developments, focusing on the quality metrics that are relevant at each stage. At the integration and pre production stages, Epidata has the experience and the professionals –trained in the use of profiling and monitoring tools for applications– to be able to efficiently adapt the test procedures and tools to the particular needs of each QA and Architecture group.
There are different service modes, which can be of assistance to the QA tasks

  • On-site continuous integration at the integration and preproduction stages, for individual tests as well as stress tests.
  • On-demand service of identification and diagnosis of critical architecture components.
  • Consulting and training on how to implement the use of the tools.

Benefits sought with the performance services for Java solutions

  • Maximizing the performance of multi-tier Java solutions by implementing controls in the consecutive stages of the life cycle.
  • Minimizing the risks of performance incidents during the production stage.
  • Allowing the identification of architecture critical components with different granularity levels according to the particular needs.
  • Implementing processes of individual and integrated performance tests, with a minimum impact on the due date.
  • Generating a knowledge base and better architecture practices, reusable in future projects.
  • Protecting the investment by getting hold of potential performance incidents at an early stage.
  • Reducing the cost/benefit factor of performance testing by the automatization of tasks and the integration of tools.

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