Software Architecture

Essential requisite for minimizing project's risks

At present, the integration and interaction with other systems are essential requirements for any software solution.
In addition, the constant technological evolution in the field creates the need of relying on technology experts when defining the technical and functional architecture.
Their help allows guaranteeing that the solutions meet the integration requirements and are capable of absorbing changes with a minimal effort. In this way, the organization is able to focus mainly on the central aim of its business, in an efficient way and at the lowest cost.
Epidata provides software architecture consulting services according to the needs of each client. We help architects improve their work in the projects they take part in; we offer professional development programs for them and provide architecture services to companies that do not own operative sectors exclusively engaged in software architecture.

  • Validation & Software architecture assessment: analysis and review of software architectures to strategically align the IT sector with the business objectives of your company
  • Definition: gathering of software architecture requirements
  • Technological validation: validation and testing of technical choice and alternatives
  • Proof of Concepts & prototypes: development & testing of prototypes and proof of concepts of software architecture
  • Documentation: of software architectures


  • Knowledge: increases team members’ professional level
  • Risks: reduces risks related to quality attributes’ failures
  • Profitability: improves ROI
  • Communication: promotes and speeds inside communication up
  • Strategy: aligns the IT strategy with business objectives
  • Added value: uses past experiences as a learning for continuous improvement
  • Immediacy: generates semi-automatic reports
  • Documentation: improves system documentation
  • Flexibility: allows clients to make web-based self-assessments
  • Cost reduction: semi-automated assessment process

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