Agribusiness Intranet & PSSW

HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. In Argentina, Grupo HSBC is formed by HSBC Bank Argentina, HSBC MAXIMA AFJP, HSBC La Buenos Aires Seguros, HSBC-New York Life, HSBC Administradora de Inversiones S.A. SGFC and HSBC Participaciones (Argentina)

Agribusiness Intranet
Epidata developed Agribusiness intranet. The tasks involved were application development and graphic user interface definition for various internal applications
HSBC – LBA – Argentina
In order to provide a solution to “La Buenos Aires Seguros”, Epidata outlined a turn-key application developing project, which consisted in an insurance quotation calculator engine. This engine provides services to two web applications: an intranet –for the insurance agents associated to LBS- and online quotation calculator. These quotation calculators are different in the look & feel as well as in the information each one requires, reusing the business logic
PSSW System
PSSW (which stands for the Spanish Productos y Servicios para Sucursales Web) is the system that will be used by bank clerks and account executives of all HSBC branches. The project emerges from the merger between BNL and HSBC, which made it necessary to unify the systems. From a technical point of view, PSSW is one of the bank’s operation front-end and it is based on a kind of SOA service game. Epidata participated in the construction of PSSW as well as in its estimation, distribution and monitoring