SOA & J2EE Reengineering

Telecom provides general telephone services in Argentina. It includes urban, national and international long distance telephony. It also has licenses to provide other telecommunication services such as data transmission, internet access and public telephony.

SOA / J2EE Reengineering
Epidata participated in the architecture and development of the “Sistema Validador de Datos Argentina” (SVDA) –a data validating system- by using open source technologies based on Java/J2EE. This is an essential system for Telecom since it processes the 80% of the company’s invoicing
It has over 200 screens of different ABM, among which it can be mentioned: validating center configuration, security administration, configuration of other corporative applications, data processing, wrong call recovery, statistics and personalization of the look & feel of the same application

Among the main tasks, it can be mentioned the application architecture redefining, the design of reusable components for the common library, the design and development of a framework based on Web Generator, technical evaluation of tools and of frameworks to be employed in the development and developments of JSP/Struts/EJB applications

The goal of this project was to unify the three existing systems (CMS, Girafe and Utopia) so as to speed up the process of ADSL modem supply. The project was realized by using Java/J2EE technologies on BEA platforms